Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Ok so I'm freaking out just a little bit (ok a LOT on the inside) because I just realized it's March already and I have so much to do!!

-I'm suppose to be planting lettuce and broccoli outside!  But then I look at the weather and it says it's going to be 25* tomorrow. ugh this weather is driving me crazy.  How can I harden plants off when it's still freezing outside (sure wish I had those mini hoop houses set up already!) I'll have pictures of how everything is doing tomorrow or Friday.

-The wedding invitations have to go out in 2 weeks YIKES!  The place I'm using told me I'm good with the timing since I sent out Save-A-Dates but I am still flipping out because I realized today that the girls and I need shoes, I need a headpiece/veil, the girls and I need our dresses altered, I have NO idea what to get the the girls for a gift for being my matron of honor and brides maids and then my sister asks me: what room do you want pictures taken on the morning of the wedding. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Who cares!


Then to top this all off, I received an email from the place I went to for the 2nd interview yesterday. They want my references.  My friend who was recently hired by them as an RN said that if they are requesting my references that means I'm IN!! I just might have a job!  And not just any ol' job. It's a job that is actually what I do: administrative assistant (experience in the financial industry).  Woohoo!!!  But I'm trying not to get excited yet because I haven't been made an offer yet.  The downside of this job is the commute will be about an hour each way but at least I don't have to take the train into the city (NYC).  My dog will have to go into daycare because I'll be leaving so early I won't have time to walk her before leaving. The hours are 8-4 so I'll be out early enough for us to still go to the dog park in the summer :)  Life will be great!

It was beautiful outside today so I was laying cardboard on the areas where I want to add new raised beds.  I guess it was an odd choice, but when my sweetie asked me what I wanted as a birthday gift I said "CEDAR!!"  hahaha  So, we're going shopping this weekend to buy cedar wood for my beds.  After being outside and locating the sprinkler heads, I have laid out where I want my new beds.  The sprinkler heads really are in the worst place for having these beds but I'm trying to keep my gardening contained to one side of the yard (at least for now!).  I will be more then doubling my space so hopefully I'll have lots of veggies to freeze and can.  I want beans and tomatoes for over the winter.

Happy Gardening Everyone!!!


  1. Oh my dear! Take a deep breath and r-e-l-a-x!

    No worries about the weather...just gives you a bit more time...use it to get those shoes!

    Bridesmaids gifts? EZ: buy frames now...have some lovely candid shots taken of all of you together...print in sepia or black and white: viola' one of a kind gifts!

  2. Forgot: Good luck with the job...the commute would kill me...I won't take a job ten miles down the road!

  3. I wish you best of luck on getting the job!!! My Dh commutes a hour and 15 to 30 minutes each way, depends on traffic. He is in his vehicle a lot all during the day so he is used to driving but that is the distance to his office.

    I think Lynda's bridesmaid gift idea is a great one!

  4. Good luck with the potential job! That commute would definitely kill me! I remember crazy wedding plans! It's been almost four years, and I'm finally to a place where I don't immediately offer the advice of eloping to people who tell me they're getting married!

  5. Lynda - Thank you so much for the gift suggestion! I love it! And I'm not really keen on the commute either but I figure with satellite radio and audio books, it's better then being unemployed lol

    Texan - Thanks! I always said that I would never commute this long so it figures I find the job that's so far away :)

    Megan - Thanks! HAHA If I knew what planning a big wedding entailed I would have taken my sweetie up on his suggestion of eloping. My first marriage 20 yrs ago was VERY small as we were just broke kids. I wanted that big wedding I never had. Well, you know what they say: Be careful what you wish for!! lol