Saturday, May 14, 2011

Note to self...

If I ever hear someone is getting married and starting a new job all at the same time, tell them NOT to grew plants by seed and definitely NOT to get any bright ideas about doubling gardening space.  Needless to say this season so far is a total bust.  I'm getting married in 2 weeks, been at my new job for 5 weeks and not much has survived that I started :(  I made the HUGE mistake of starting a lot of my seedlings in those peat pots and WHAT A MISTAKE!!!  I just couldn't keep up with the watering. It was like they needed to be watered every day.  Also, I think my lights may have been too close to the plants as some of them almost seemed to have possibly singed a bit.  The other thing is, forget about doubling the gardening space because as it turns out, we're moving in a year so I'm not wasting the money to build new raised beds and put beautifully expensive compost in them just to have to leave and spend all that money again next year.

After the honeymoon I plan on going to my local nursery, buy a few veggie plants so I can at least have some veggies, but I will be sowing some seeds so I have something for a fall planting.  Back to wedding stuff...


  1. I think you've got enough on your plate to allow the garden to be on hold this spring.
    Congrats on the wedding soon! In just over a week we celebrate our 25th anniversary. My how time flies!

  2. Yikes! At least there are always back up plants at a nursery! Congratulations on your wedding in advance!

  3. Wow Judy! Congrats on the 25th anniversary!! I think that's so awesome!!!

    Megan, I'm so thankful for the nurseries. Many a times they have bailed me out when my big plans don't work out as first anticipated. And thank you for the congrats =)