Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gardening Ideas for 2011

It's December and everyone is so busy getting ready for Christmas that there isn't any time to think about gardening. Well, since I can't do anything the next couple of days (due to surgery) it gives me a chance to dream about next years growing season. It also gives me a chance to think about this past growing season which didn't turn out quite as I had expected. It was quite disappointing actually. I was quite ill most of the summer so I wasn't able to pay attention to things like feeding (kind of important!) and harvesting before the animals and bugs do. I have a sprinkler system so watering wasn't an issue. Well, not after I realized that when I moved the compost bin, I blocked the sprinklers on one side of my garden... So, I had to move the bin back to the cornor of the yard. I wanted to move it closer to the side door so I had easier access to it but with the sprinkler system already in place, my choices are incredibly limited.

Must feed plants
Weekend check ups manditory

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