Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ski trip took a rough turn...

We have an annual family ski trip every year with my siblings and their families and my parents and some close friends with their families. It's a great time for all, with plenty of company for all ages.

I guess I should have known something wasn't right when we arrived at the hotel first on Friday.  (Confession: being on time is a challenge for me.).
My oldest son, 23, came with us which he hasn't done in the last few years so that was really very nice.
My middle son, 18,  wasn't able to be with us (very weird not having him with us) because he had a school charity function that whole weekend at his college.  *It's worth mentioning that Penn State Univ. raised a record $9.56 million for childhood cancer.  The kids worked really hard. The motto: FTK! (For The Kids!)

Then, Sunday morning we were the first ones down for breakfast...  My fiancĂ© said: Something is not right here when we are early.  :)
That morning my youngest son, 16, started not feeling good and didn't ski.  By the afternoon he had a fever.

Best Part:

Sunday night my 18 yo surprised me by coming to the hotel from his college to see us for a couple of hours. It was so wonderful to have all 3 of my boys with me - sort of with me.  The 16yo was up in our hotel room sleeping with a fever, but at least I had them all in the same building!  I really miss my 18 yo.  He's the only one that watches NCIS, CSI and American Idol with me.  I kept hugging him and he was really good about it even with having a couple of his frat buddies with him.  We have so much fun watching 'our shows' together.  We've had some of our best talks during the commercials.  For now, I have to be happy with text messages :)

Rough Turn:

Sunday night I had my 16 yo stay in my room so I could watch him overnight instead of the room we had for the teenage boys (I have to say - I don't know what it is about teenage boys but they were in that room for 2 days and it had the gross teenage boy odor.  ick!).
Monday morning we woke up to 4 inches and still snowing.  Luckily by the time we left at 10am to go back home the snow had stopped.
We arrived home to 3 inches of snow... the guys shoveled our driveway while I lugged all the suitcases and stuff into the house.  By the evening, I had a fever and sore throat.
By Tues morning my fiancĂ© called me - he had a fever.
This morning my sister called me and her 2 yo just got a fever.  What the heck is going on?!

I had enough and went to the doctor to find my white blood cell count high and was given antibiotics for the throat infection it seems I had - I get these often.  I think it's related to the removal of my tonsils and adenoids when I was 3 yrs old but I can't get any doctor to actually say that has made me more susceptible to infections.  What I do like is at my doctors office they take a bit of your blood from your finger and test it to see what your white blood cells are up to.  I am totally against giving antibiotics 'just in case'.  That's part of why we have so many antibiotic resistant strains out there (that and not finishing your medication).   If there isn't a bacterial infection, let my body's immune system do the miracle it was made to do - fight infection.

Back to Gardening! :)

I hope I'm feeling better in a day or so because I've changed my garden plans yet again and I have to plant another 5 tomato plants.  My birthday is coming up in a week and my fiance said he'd get me whatever I wanted.  I want the cedar raised beds for my new beds so hopefully I'll get at least one of them :) I also had to actually 'think' about the fact that growing potatoes means I need a deeper bed then what I use for my other veggies.  As it so happens, the one bed I have decided to make raised would be perfect.  I won't add compost soil to the raised bed at first.  I'll add it as I need to build up the soil around them as they grow.  I'm really looking forward to this growing season!


  1. You need to get better so you can start that new garden you have planned...the raised cedar beds sound perfect. Sounds like you had a great time with your boys (except for the fevers).

  2. I was given a Stylish Blogger Award (?) and I'm passing it on to you...