Monday, May 7, 2012

New house landscaping

We spent the weekend at the house we're moving into in June. I spent most of my time outdoors looking at the plants and trying to identify what is already growing. I also found where I'll put two of my 4 x 4 raised garden beds. I'll be sticking with this for a year or two to get it established. I will also be putting together am herb garden near the kitchen door but since we'll be replacing the deck I'll trying my hand at container gardening for now.

This is a pic of a portion of the yard. I have to work between the sprinkler heads that are in so I found I can put two 4x4 beds up against the house where it will get the most sun and not be in the way of the sprinkler heads or my running dog.  That big green bush thingy is coming out.  It takes up so much of the yard. I'm hoping to put a few more beds in down at that end after a year or two.

This is a plant that at first glance I thought it was in the poison ivy family because of the shiny leaves but it turns out that it's most likely Virginia Creeper.

I also came across what looks to be Clematis. 

This bird was so funny.  I walked outside and he just kept on walking around, pecking at the ground. He didn't even pause when I walked towards him and sat on the deck steps.

This butterfly was flying all around the yard the whole afternoon.  

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